Registered and Unregistered horses

Rules for transporting horses and ponies vary depending on whether the animal is registered or unregistered. A registered horse or pony is one that’s on the stud book of a recognised breed society or registered with an international organisation that manages equestrian competitions. You should note that an equine is not classed as ‘registered’ simply because it holds a horse passport.

Registered horses are exempt from many of the major controls on horse transportation, including maximum journey times, rest periods and Journey Logs.

Journey Logs

If you wish to transport unregistered horses to another country on journeys over eight hours, a Journey Log must be completed.

The purpose of a Journey Log is to ensure such journeys are properly planned, with the required rest stops along the way, and without exceeding maximum journey times.

The first section of a Journey Log which includes the details of the consignment and the planned journey is submitted for approval to the AHVLA Office where the journey will begin. A copy of the completed log must be submitted to the same office within a month of the journey’s completion.

14th July 2016

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