About NagCabs International Horse Transport

About NagCabs International Horse Transport

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers and delivering on our promises

It is important to us that the horses and ponies that we are entrusted to transport fare well on their journey and arrive in the best possible condition. If we can turn a stressful situation into a positive one then we have succeeded!

We have grown from a family of horse people born and bred. The all important stallions and mares with their foals have taught us a lot along the way. We have gained a wealth of experience over the years which means we have the knowledge and ability to deal with any situation and provide the best for the horses in our care. Whether it is as basic as keeping them well hydrated during their journey or providing a positive travel experience for them to remember.

Our business is built upon natural talent and a desire to do things properly.

We have developed an extensive list of regular clients across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. They are all dedicated horse people, whether their horse is part of the family or it has top competition prospects, they are all special and we recognise that every horse has its own unique value to someone.

We are not just drivers transporting horses, or horse people driving horses.

We are a caring, experienced, reliable and professional horse transport company with a wealth of knowledge and experience with horses and the road haulage industry.

We don't isolate ourselves and just work alone, we work together with a small selection of carefully chosen fellow transporters to provide the best option for all of your equestrian logistics.

Passengers come first – Their welfare is the first priority

Integrity – Being our word, reliably

Innovation – Solving the unsolvable, there is always a way

Collaboration – Working together to make it happen

Love and Passion – Believing in what we do and doing it to the best of our ability at all times

Empathy – making a connection and understanding