Horse transporter authorisation.

A valid transporter authorisation is required if your business transports horses on journeys longer than 65 kilometres (about 40 miles). The type of authorisation you need depends on the total duration of your journeys.

Type 1. Journeys over 65 kilometres and under eight hours

If your horses journey time will be a short journey under eight hours, a Type 1 transporter authorisation is required. Requirements for a Type 1 authorisation:

  • have an established or representative business in the UK
  • can show you have the staff, equipment and procedures in place to meet the rules for animal welfare during transport
  • have no record of a serious animal welfare conviction or Home Office Simple Caution in the three years leading up to your application
  • have valid certificates of competence for drivers and handlers if required - see below

Type 2. Journeys over eight hours

If your horses journey times will be a long journey exceeding eight hours, a Type 2 transporter authorisation is required. In addition to the above requirements, you will also need to provide:

  • valid vehicle/container approval certificates if required - see below
  • details of procedures enabling you to trace and record the movement of road vehicles under your responsibility, and to contact the driver at any time
  • details of contingency plans in the event of an emergency
Authorisations are issued by the Animal & Plant Health Agency, Welfare in Transport Team.

14th July 2016

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